What Now? Photography After Coronavirus Pandemic

2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty our way. What we believed would be a great year full of exciting possibilities has quickly become a source of anxiety for our globe. Many of us have had to take a leave from work, graduate from home, and now more than ever we as parents are not only caretakers but also instructors. Our world has truly shifted, and we understand how unsettling that can feel.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the suffering this worldwide situation has caused and extend our warmest virtual hugs to all those affected. We take solace knowing we’re all in this together.

The situation has also forced us to shift the focus of our site to print purchases. We are now offering a wide variety of different sized prints which can be customized to your specific liking. This is the ideal time to do a little home renovation and nothing adds personality to a house like a canvas print. Check out all of our print options and feel free to reach out if you’re interested in something not yet offered. 

Regarding our usual shoots, this pandemic has forced us to take extra precautions in ensuring everyone’s safety. Social distancing will be a large factor moving forward. There will be a limit as to how many people can be present at a shoot and while capturing photos the photographer and subject must remain at least 6 feet apart. Both indoor studio and outdoor sessions will be available with everyone’s best interest in mind. Please be sure to wear a face mask until it’s time to begin taking photos. We appreciate your help in understanding of our “new normal” procedures and cannot wait until restrictions are finally lifted. 

-The MJV Photo Team

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