Viewfinder: Client’s Experience

When looking for a photographer to capture the most moment important moment to date in my life, my fiancé and I knew we needed someone who understood our vision. I had previously done a few photo shoots with Mike and knew the quality of his work was superb. I had also only ever heard great things about Mike from mutual friends, other clients, and had been very impressed by his work on his Instagram page. I loved his attention to detail, crisp quality of his photos, and the personal touch he gave his work. We knew he was the right fit. 

Mike and I had the opportunity to work on a handful of creative projects together, ranging from fashion shoots to our engagement photos. The fashion shoot we did was edgy and fun, and we both knew we wanted to accentuate my makeup, outfit, and maximize our lighting to get the most stunning shots. Mike always knew when something wasn’t working. He would easily direct me at times to modify my movement for a more flattering angle or try something outside the box, which led to some of my absolute favorite shots. 

Our couples photo shoot was another favorite of mine. Mike understood that these needed to be as natural and honest as possible, so he did not push for lots of posing. He allowed for my partner and I to simply be together and bounce off each other’s energy to create the most candid moments. The use of neutrals in these photos makes them feel more personal. I really notice the dynamic between the people being captured, the love. I notice the emotional component of the photos, which I think only a gifted photographer could do well.

Overall, my experience with Mike has always been a positive one. I cannot recommend his services enough to everyone I know. I am constantly referring people over to him because he really is THAT good. Finding the right photographer can be a daunting process, but when you find the right fit it feels like anything is possible.

-Jany Marti 

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